Committed to Being Happily Single

More people than ever before are making the commitment to be alone, especially after a divorce. They have tried their best to conform to society's wishes, but it just did not work out. For some of these people, they will eventually heal and find another long term relationship. This will make them happy because they have taken the time to sort themselves out and deal with any issues left over from their breakup. For the remainder, they really would rather be alone. They don’t want the bother or hassle they perceive to be the problem with a committed relationship.

For those who would rather take a permanent break from relationships, they are often asked what they will do when they get older and need someone. This question is often posed by people who have enjoyed a long term relationship and are very dependent upon their significant other. Permanently single people have looked at life differently, and they are willing to find the answer to this question without being in a committed relationship.

Being permanently single is a lifestyle and requires people to make up their own answers. For physical relief, a fuck buddy is a good solution for these people. Their fuck buddies are generally people with the same physical needs, but they also don’t want the involvement that comes with a relationship. Physical relief is something both people need, and it is all they really want from each other. There is no pressure to live life as a couple.

Life without a committed relationship does lead to having casual sex. This does not need to be a reckless action, but it does mean finding a partner with the same goals in life. As long as both parties agree on their lack of relationship, it will work out well for them.