Accept Many Relationships Will Fail

Losing a First Love


There are few people who have gone through life without any heartbreak, and many of them experience it with their first love. They are often both young, still in school, and their future together is not meant to be for either of them. Both of them could be planning on getting married as soon as they graduate, and they rebuff friends and relatives who tell them otherwise.

Losing a first love is often the most painful experience a person will face in life, but it is a common one in many societies. People who fall in love with someone during their teen years are often not truly suited to be with that person for the rest of their life. Both partners will change as they age, and their differences could become more important as they go through life. Starting out with the same hopes and dreams is common, but breaking up because they are unrealistic happens frequently.

When two very young people begin dating, their emotions might seem exaggerated. Younger people feel as deeply as their more mature counterparts, but they are less prepared to deal with it. They have their own plans, but they often do not know how to follow through on them. It can sometimes be this factor that makes them realize they are better off ending their relationship, and many of them will look back years later with the feeling they could have made it work.

There are no easy answers when it comes to losing someone who is loved, and heartbreak can take years to pass completely. For the youngest members of society, it is often a time when things change on a daily basis. They are beginning to see the world through a more mature viewpoint, but their first love is someone they will cling to long after the relationship has become untenable.