Accept Many Relationships Will Fail


Taking a Well Deserved Break From Dating

When dating becomes more of a chore than a pleasant expectation, many people decide it is time to take a break. They see it as a time where they can concentrate on their own project, improve their education, or they might even take up a hobby. For them, the break is more about self-fulfillment than an anger or disgust at their lack of a viable relationship. Some of them have a definitive plan as to how long their break will last, but others are less defined in their choice.

The world has become a place where time is the biggest lack most people feel in their personal life, so the search for a good relationship is beginning to take a back seat more often. People see dating as a time-consuming affair, and they want that time to improve their own life. They would rather be without a partner than continue to spend unfruitful time on their pursuit of a spouse. These are generally the people who have put aside important projects.

Taking an unspecified time away from the world of dating might appear to be giving up, but it is often a way for people to redefine their own life. They have assessed their failure to attract a suitable mate, and many of them believe it is because their own life is incomplete. They have many ways they want to make changes, but they must have their own space and time to accomplish their goals. They could find their special someone next week, but they are not worried if it takes a few more years.

Taking a break from dating often alarms friends and family, but it can be the best way to ensure a good future with or without a spouse. Those who are daring enough to concentrate on their own needs first are seen as selfish, but they are also preparing in their own way to be a great spouse when that relationship finally comes along.